fullsoul runningpad ® – less shoe is not possible!

For all who love barefoot as the most original form of movement, but want to avoid dirty soles, cuts and slanted looks! The runningpad is an ultra minimalist and elegant “barefoot shoe”, made from one piece of thin leather, without seams, rivets or glue. Through fine straps the leather sole nestles up against the foot like a second skin.


Price: 109€
plus shipping costs

To pre-order a pair of standard running pads just send an email with your shoe size to and let our barefoot pros advise you.

+ 15€ for your desired text as laser engraving


+ 20€ for your desired graphic as laser engraving


Price: 179€
plus shipping costs

To fit a pair of running pads to your feet please follow the instructions at the bottom of this page. If you are unsure, our barefoot pros will gladly advise you by mail. The text of your choice is included free of charge with the custom-made pads.

Each custom-made fullsoul runningpad is unique, made to fit the individual foot shape. The minimal shoe is cut out of one piece of thin, resistant cowhide (100% vegetable tanned) with a computer-controlled cutting plotter and finished by hand. It weighs ultralight 70 g with shoe size 43 EU (9 1/2 US) and medium leather thickness. With its refined, elegant design, the fullsoul runningpad won the ISPO Award in the outdoor segment in 2016/17.

runningpads und human motion

The idea for the fullsoul runningpad came from the passionate long-distance, mountain and barefoot runner Dr. Martin Daumer, inspired by the evolutionary-biologically based hypothesis that man is “born to run” – as a high-temperature forefoot long-distance runner who, with his extraordinary stamina, has been able to assert himself in evolutionary hunting. Over many years he developed and tested various minimal shoe prototypes. A first milestone was the ISPO Award 2012 for the heel-free model freeheel runningpad®. He received the second ISPO Award in 2016 for the current minimal shoe fullsoul runningpad. Within the scope of his professional research activities, Martin Daumer investigates, among other things, possibilities to quantify human movement in everyday life with mobile sensor technology.

Attention: Running barefoot is different

You don’t just want to go barefoot, but also want to run with minimal shoes like the fullsoul runningpad?

Please note: A too fast change from the typical heel-heeled running style to forefoot / midfoot running can lead to overstrain and serious injury. Muscles and tendons need time to adapt! Sports physicians, physiotherapists and orthopedists as well as suitable sources on the Internet advise and support you in this process, e.g. on your724.com

Our recommendation for barefoot running

Start with short running distances and pay attention to how the body reacts. Then increase distances and speed very carefully. Also inform yourself about forefoot / midfoot running and healthy transition.

You can find more orientation, information and scientific findings on the net. Our own research results show that during the transition phase the risk of running injuries is more than tripled:

On the measurement of running

More information about barefoot running

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Instructions for making to measure

This is the way to your fullsoul runningpads!

1.Draw the contour of a foot with a thick pencil on a DIN A4 or US Letter sheet of paper (if the feet are very different, please draw both of them).

2.Mark the point between the big toe and the neighboring toe with a cross.

3. Take a photo with your smartphone of the outline sketch/s (all four corners of the sheet visible!) and send the photo to:


Can the runningpads only be shipped within Germany?

No, in principle we can send you your runningpads anywhere, the shipping costs are exclusive. For orientation: For Germany the shipping costs are 3,50 Euro, for Europe (depending on the postal zones) about 10 Euro and for the USA 25 Euro. So it might be a good idea to join forces with your friends in a collective order and save shipping costs.  

How long are the runningpads expected to last?

As with any shoe, this depends on how much you wear your runningpads. Therefore it is difficult to give an exact number. We have never heard from previous runningpad owners that they have already “worn their runningpads dead”. But if you do, you can send us a photo of it and we will find a solution for you.

What is the cross between the big toe and the other toes of my foot outline important for?

The cross is the central point of your runningpads and is therefore very important for customization, so that your shoes fit like a glove. This is where the holding bar is attached and should be included when sending in your foot outline.

Can I run sore spots with my runningpads?

Like every shoe, the runningpads have to be broken in first until they fit your feet properly. But to avoid sore spots at the beginning, we recommend to start with short distances and to grease your runningpads well. The rest is done by the natural adaptability of the leather.

What kind of leather are the runningpads made of?

Our runningpads are made of 100% cowhide from a German tannery.

Are the runningpads only for real runners?

No, our runningpads are suitable for anyone who wants to wear them. Whether at a business meeting, a marathon run or just to round off a chic outfit, your runningpads are always your loyal companion.

Are there vegan alternatives to the runngingpads?

In our experience, so far only the leather really meets our requirements in terms of comfort, stability and fit. However, we are always open to ideas on how we can also produce runningpads for vegans.

Can I choose the thickness of the sole of my runningpads?

In general, there is only one variant for the thickness of the soles, which has proven to be the best for us (approx. 2-2.5mm). But if you have special wishes in this respect, it is possible to produce runningpads with the thickness of leather you want for an extra charge.

In which color can I order my runningpads?

Our runningpads are available in the colors black and natural (brown).

Can my runningpads rub off?

The black color of the runningpads can actually rub off a bit in the beginning when it gets wet. But this can be easily washed off again. The natural colored version of the runningpads can’t discolor in principle, because we don’t use any color here.